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Defending Against Rapid Hacker Exploits with AI-Powered Monitoring

It was recently reported in The Hackers News that the time between a discovered vulnerability and a hacker's exploit is 12 days (about 1 week and 5 days) and shrinking quickly. Further, it is proven that the hackers know how to exploit the vulnerability before anyone because that is their singular focus and what they are hired to do. Yes, hired. Hired by governments, groups, and even competitors of yours and of the largest manufacturers of networking equipment to expose and exploit the discovered vulnerability.

The strongest posture for protection against these vulnerabilities and exploits is proactive monitoring. Proactive monitoring includes human oversight combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI), or Machine Learning (ML) built to react and alert when anomalies are discovered. The alerts notify the Security Analyst to the incident, the AI starts the process of isolating and implementing protections against the threat as the Security Analyst and AI work together to review, monitor, isolate and quarantine the incident. All of these working together are the best approach to combating the ever-increasing threats and the compression of time it is taking hackers to exploit systems.

The combination of human oversight and artificial intelligence is what makes 5Q Centry Managed Security, aka Security Operations Center (SOC), a comprehensive and proactive approach to protecting both traditional network infrastructure, commonly called Information Technology (IT).

The 5Q SOC goes a step further to include protection for Operational Technology (OT). OT are those systems that control building systems, such as HVAC, Lighting, Access Controls, security cameras and Audio/Visual equipment. OT is often connected directly to the internet with no protection and/or connected to corporate IT networks with little oversight. OT systems are known entry points for hackers through remote access, physical access and especially through direct internet connections.

As more threat-actors use AI to exploit vulnerabilities in IT/OT/IoT devices, continuous monitoring is of even greater importance. 5Q Centry Managed Security can monitor, detect, and provide proactive response and containment to both the IT and OT layers. 5Q’s understanding of Real Estate IT and OT solutions and infrastructure provides a level of expertise not found in the common offerings for vulnerability protection.

Contact 5Q today to discuss 5Q Centry Managed Security and the other Cyber Awareness and Assessment services 5Q is providing Real Estate Owner and Operators across the globe. You can contact us directly at or visit to learn more about our complete suite of cyber services.

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