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5Q is specifically designed to provide top-notch IT and cyber security services to commercial real estate (CRE) organizations. Equipped with expert team members in a range of IT and cyber security functions as well as  in-depth knowledge of Commercial Real Estate back-office functionality, 5Q is prepared to support and service CRE organizations’ technology and cyber security requirements from top to bottom. 




Cost Savings

Unmatched Expertise

Business Continuity

5Q's full suite of services allows your organization to create a custom service package designed specifically for your business needs. 

Your organization receives support from top talent in the industry for a fraction of the cost, so you can put your money where your business needs it most.

5Q was built to service the unique needs of CRE companies. We are prepared to service CRE in a way no other company can.

Combining our service lines provides increased efficiency across your technology and cyber security programs.

5Q is committed to providing best-in-class service to our clients as well as each other. At 5Q, top-notch services means being responsive, proactive, professional, and courteous. Whether a client has an urgent request or a team member needs a helping hand, our team is there to supply outstanding service every time.

5Q Service


Every relationship within 5Q begins and ends with trust. When a new client joins our team, they are trusting us with some of their most important initiatives, data, and assets. When a new team member is added to 5Q, we are trusting them to dive headfirst into 5Q’s culture and provide top-notch work for our clients. Without the trust of our clients and teammates, there would be no 5Q.

5Q Trust


Every 5Q team members is held accountable to themselves, their teammate, their manager, and the clients they work with. Whether it’s quick deadlines, outstanding customer service, or personal goals, our team members take responsibility for their actions. Our clients also hold us accountable for providing the top-notch services they’ve requested.

5Q Accountability


5Q is heavily focused on nurturing the business of our clients, helping them to save time and money as well as growing their business. Additionally, 5Q is also determined to nurture its team members to have successful careers and achieve personal goals by facilitating a culture of support and growth.

5Q Nurture


There would be no such thing as 5Q without our core principle of delivering. 5Q’s team members work hard to deliver complete work, on-time, without mistakes. We take immense pride in not only the delivery of our services but how we deliver those services. We promise to deliver work that is easy to understand, impactful, and of high quality.

5Q Deliver


The Power of Integrated Service Lines

5Q Managed Services

Your Trusted Commercial Real Estate Technology & Cyber Security Partners

Contact us to speak with a CRE technology expert.

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