PropTech as a Service

We will handle all of your technology needs at the Property level, whether you are acquiring properties, building new, insourcing property management, or bringing properties into compliance, 5Q Partners has your technology needs covered.


Whether you are acquiring properties or building new ones, 5Q is there at the beginning.  We perform all levels of technical due diligence on acquisitions which can save you thousands of dollars and days of downtime after close.  If you are building a new property, we can work with your GM to design and implement all aspects of technology for your new facility.


Immediately upon closing, 5Q will address any security and operational needs with your property technology systems.  Hopefully these were identified through due diligence, but if not, we can still assess the entire property and get you into a secure and supportable environment quickly to ensure maximum efficiency of your property team.


Your Property Management team needs to be 100% focused on current customer satisfaction and obtaining new customers, not haggling with the PMS, phone, internet, copier, or access control vendor.  They need a SINGLE point of contact who has the urgency and focus to fix ANY of their technology issues including Yardi, Realpage, MRI, Entrata, or other PMS problems.  5Q provides 24×7 remote and onsite technology support for property personnel as well as proactive maintenance of the devices they rely on.  


To avoid security and operational risk and to meet contractual obligations, you need a clean “hand-off” when a property is sold.  Through hundreds of dispositions, 5Q has developed the full “playbook” to ensure you recover any assets and are released from any continuing technology costs/obligations.  We also ensure all personnel access is properly removed or transitioned.