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INSIDE LOOK: Jack Welch - Service Desk Manager

5Q TechIQ is our managed services arm, serving all our clients’ basic technology needs. As the largest team at 5Q, it is essential to have outstanding leadership and camaraderie throughout this department. As TechIQ’s Service Desk Manager, Jack Welch oversees all of the day-to-day operations of our managed services team and helps ensure each client’s issue is quickly resolved.

In 2020, the managed services team received 87,438 new tickets. Each month, Jack oversaw 7,268 tickets – an average of 239 new tickets each day. This ever-growing influx of service requests allowed 5Q to continue adding to the TechIQ team, which now includes 20 team members. Jack greatly values each of his team members, always putting them first and excitedly announcing their accomplishments at each company call. Jack is known to frequently bring donuts into the office as a mid-week pick-me-up.

With new challenges presented by COVID-19, Jack’s team had to transition to remote work. “The way we interact and the use of Microsoft Teams” was the single, largest change the TechIQ team experienced in 2020, according to Jack. However, this change has also enabled TechIQ to better serve clients’ remote teams, an important aspect of evolving with our new, post-COVID world.

Jack has cultivated a culture of trust, support, and teamwork throughout TechIQ – which certainly does not go unnoticed by his team. Through the hard work of each team member, Jack is able to successfully provide outstanding customer service, efficient problem solving, and top-notch IT operations services to each TechIQ client. Jack added, “The most important aspect of my role here at 5Q is helping my team grow as a cohesive unit and providing a seamless, exemplary client experience.”

5Q TechIQ focuses on five major services for our customers which include: End User Support, Network Support, Data Center Management, Application Support, and Property Technology as a Service. End User Support ensures each client has a singular point-of-contact to turn to with questions or concerns. Our Network Support service provides a full suite of proactive and reactive services to ensure your network stays up 24/7 and is certifiably secure. Data Center Management ensures each customer has 100% accessibility to all of your applications and data, complete with disaster recovery solutions tailored to your needs, and Application Support goes beyond your vendor’s support to resolve issues quickly. If vendor involvement is necessary, we have the communications to escalate and accelerate the vendor’s resolution. Lastly, Property Technology as a Service provides 24/7 remote and onsite technology support for property personnel.

Through each of these services, Jack ensures our clients have complete, worry-free IT. TechIQ is truly a one-stop shop for both corporate and property-level managed services.

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