Who is 5Q Partners?

5Q Partners is the authority for technology management in all sectors of commercial real estate (office, industrial, multifamily, retail, etc.). With offices in Atlanta and Dallas, the company’s team of operators and consultants have all established their careers in industry-specific business processes and technology solutions. 5Q Partners understands the intricacies and inner workings of real estate and alternative investment’s legacy technology systems. The company provides a full spectrum of technology solutions, consulting and operational best practices to owners, sponsors, managers, and developers in the real estate industry. 5Q Partners. Real. Tech. Experts.

Our Story & Team

The name 5Q Partners originated from years of “fifth quarter” conversations following college football games when our founding partners spent hours talking about their work as technology professionals. They wanted to make the utilization and adoption of technology better for their employers, their team members, and themselves. They wanted business leaders to look at technology as a key component of their business growth and not just email, phones, and servers, and start to view it as the key to their business growth. And so, 5Q Partners was born. Each of our founding partners brings a unique skill set, and every client gets the benefit of our entire breadth of experience that leverages more than 100 years of combined technology experience as well as decades of industry-specific business processes and technology solutions in real estate and alternative investment. Learn more about each of our partners below.

John Costopoulos

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John heads up all of 5Q’s Consulting Solutions. He has deep expertise in the integration of applications and infrastructure required to enable real estate and alternative investment business processes. The first half of his 22+ year career was delivering accounting and ERP systems to a multitude of Fortune 500 companies. The second half has been in industry-specific applications and solutions for real estate and alternative investment companies.

Gregg Dickson

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Gregg oversees all Managed Services operations for 5Q clients. Working with our data center partners, Gregg directs the build-out, scaling and ongoing management of all our clients’ dedicated and shared cloud services. Gregg’s 30+ year career has spanned a multitude of industries focusing primarily on networks and technology infrastructure as well as custom large scale solutions with a special focus on security and compliance. The previous 13 years has been focused on real estate and alternative investment companies.

Trey Eiland

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Trey built and manages 5Q’s end user and network support services. He also specializes in business intelligence and sales force solutions for 5Q clients. The first portion of Trey’s 20+ year career was spent implementing and integrating business intelligence systems for Fortune 500 companies with Big 4 and a software provider. The last 12 years he has focused on real estate and alternative investment companies primarily around technology operations, sales force solutions and data analytics.

Rob Schmidt

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Rob directs 5Q’s Strategic Leadership Services and serves as the outsourced Chief Information Officer for some of our larger clients. Rob has served most of his 25-year career in positions of IT leadership. The past 15 years have been focused in the areas of project portfolio management, policy and procedure development, vendor and contract management, personnel management, cross organizational leadership, and executive collaboration. His combined experience as both an external consultant and an internal technology leader uniquely positions him to provide business value to our real estate and alternative investment clients.

Wade Hughes

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As CEO, Wade is responsible for the overall leadership and direction of 5Q, working very closely with the four founding partners. His 30+ years of consulting experience in a multitude of industries uniquely positions him to bring significant value to 5Q’s clients. Wade’s primary roles are sales, marketing and developing and maintaining the culture of the company. Attune to the commercial real estate market’s requirements for technology solutions, Wade works with 5Q employees and partners on the delivery of those solutions, taking an active role on the “front-line” in delivering Professional Service and Leadership solutions to clients.