Leadership Services

Many real estate companies have under-invested in their technology platform and need proven technology leadership with vision and current knowledge to lead them into an environment that keeps up with their pace of business. This type of leadership communicates in business terms and not “techno speak”. Many of these same companies must maintain compliance in a regulatory-heavy environment that demands transparency. Operating without the insights of a great CIO or CTO creates gaps in experience and leadership that expose the organization to risk.

Leadership On-demand

If you are in transition with your technology leadership or just in the “gap” where you need sophisticated technology but don’t want to invest in full-time, high-level expertise, 5Q can step in. We become a valuable member of your management team on a variable basis.

Information Technology Assessment

We take a simultaneous strategic and tactical approach to ensure your IT function is aligned for your future as well as your current state. We interview business leaders within every function of your company to understand where the enterprise strategy is focused and what their teams need to achieve the strategy. We also speak with all IT personnel and assess the function of IT against 5Q’s twenty best practices for CRE organizations. Using these direct inputs, combined with our decades of CRE and IT Operations experience, we formulate a thorough plan for your IT to be in complete alignment with your enterprise strategy.

Best Practices

How intelligent is your real estate technology environment? How do you measure its efficiency & effectiveness? How secure and compliant are you really? Are your systems delivering the right data you need? Are you utilizing all of your technology capabilities?

Your technology environment needs a 5Q:IQ Score. Guided by our S.M.A.R.T. Cycle Methodology we conduct a thorough assessment of your technology environment. We then calculate a 5Q:IQ score that rates and provides a benchmark across all disciplines within Technology. We then provide the solutions, guidance and roadmap for how to improve that score and transform your environment into one that is more intelligent, secure, efficient and effective. A higher 5Q:IQ elevates your technology to perform at a higher level and generate greater bottom line results. And with our reliable support team, you can ensure that your system not only maintains, but also improves.