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Building Systems &

Security Operations

Get a complete picture of the vulnerabilities in your building networks including the BMS, LCS, IT, OT and IoT connected devices. Go from Smart Building to a Cyber Smart Building.  5Q Cyber Digital Design Agents can be part of the planning, design, construction and commissioning phases of your next project. Penetration testing will help protect your company's reputation and customer trust by uncovering vulnerabilities on your perimeter networks before they can be exploited.

Corporate Cyber Security Risk Assessments

Our proven and seasoned CISOs, with broad commercial real estate experience, provide leadership services focused on producing transformational, measurable outcomes.


Building System Cyber Assessments

Security Engineers work closely with your property managers and building engineers to perform on-site cyber security assessments of building systems, engineering rooms, common areas, workstations and networks.


Building System Cyber Remediations

Security Engineers work with your building operations/technology staff to resolve the findings from the assessment and ensure the systems are secure.


SOC as a Service

Distributed 24×7 cloud-based Security Operations Center (SOC) available as a subscription model offering the following services that incorporate people, process, and technology:

  • Managed Detection and Response – Full visibility of threats within your environment to provide actionable intelligence for increased cyber defense and reduced cyber risk

  • Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) – A cloud-based SIEM which aggregates relevant data from multiple sources, identifying anomalies and taking appropriate actions


Incident Response & Recovery Exercises

Using scenarios such as Phishing Emails, Ransomware Attacks, and Sensitive Data Exfiltration, 5Q Cyber will develop training and response exercises to ensure your people know what to do and when.

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