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Security Architecture & Transformation

Using the NIST and CIS frameworks, we perform thorough cyber risk assessments at the enterprise, property and business segment levels.  We identify vulnerabilities with Active Directory and WiFi networks and implement Microsoft 365 hardening, endpoint management and enforce cyber policies. Once your networks have been assessed, the next step is to ensure proper monitoring and detection are in place to lower your risk profile with Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service.

Metrics and Analytics

Let 5Q Cyber help you to develop measurable and meaningful reporting on the metrics most important to you and your organization.


Threat Awareness

Understanding your threat surface, including end points, network perimeter, password issues, cloud-based services is key to a successful Cyber Security Program.


Security Technical Training

5Q Cyber will design a Cyber Security Training Program that fits your technical team’s needs.


Cloud Enablement

Our Cyber Security and networking expertise can help you identify and prioritize the best technologies for your specific situation, helping you create a secure, scalable and manageable infrastructure.


Vendor Technologies

Are your vendors following Cyber Security Best Practices? We can help assess your vendors Cyber Profile.

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