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The cyber security experts at 5Q Cyber ensure every organization in our portfolio is safe from cyber threats, protecting their most important data and assets. We assess exposure and risk, then implement a robust plan to secure the entire enterprise that fits within any budget.


Our seasoned team of CISO and Security Engineers have years of experience in Technology, Security and Real Estate to help you create and manage a solid Cyber Security Program.  We interface with all levels of the organization, including your IT network staff, C-Suite executives, and Board members to produce a realistic cyber security roadmap to achieve measurable outcomes.

Building Systems & Security

Get a complete picture of the vulnerabilities in your building networks including the BMS, LCS, IT, OT and IoT connected devices. Go from Smart Building to a Cyber Smart Building.  5Q Cyber Digital Design Agents can be part of the planning, design, construction and commissioning phases of your next project. Penetration testing will help protect your company's reputation and customer trust by uncovering vulnerabilities on your perimeter networks before they can be exploited.


Security Architecture & Transformation

Using the NIST and CIS frameworks, we perform thorough cyber risk assessments at the enterprise, property and business segment levels.  We identify vulnerabilities with Active Directory and WiFi networks and implement Microsoft 365 hardening, endpoint management and enforce cyber policies. Once your networks have been assessed, the next step is to ensure proper monitoring and detection are in place to lower your risk profile with Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service.

Compliance & Controls

Your people are the first, and best, line of defense.  Creating a culture of cyber security through regular training helps everyone practice better security hygiene, at work and at home.  Whether you require SOX, HIPAA, GDPR or CCPA protocols to be in place, we have the expertise (and practical advice) to guide you through the muddied waters of cyber security compliance. 

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